While online bingo is a new game, bingo has actually been around for centuries. Starting in Europe before WWII, this great game called bingo. This event for many people called bingo became just that a whole evening event that was entertaining and fun. While now bingo is taking another form of popularity and that being or becoming the form of an actual media entertainment through the internet. So many online bingo sites are becoming the most popular and visited sites around the internet these days.

While many people have turned to online bingo, there are still a large handle full of people thinking it’s mindless, waste of time, or even unhealthy activity for you and your mind. Though we are here to share quality information to those critics saying that bingo is a mindless waste of time. Some have even gone as far as saying that it could harm your brain and body reactions.

A recent study has been done to help prove all those skeptics wrong. This study was to test and record scores showing mental ability, and even body reaction time. This study and test were given to an older generation people and the test results were even somewhat surprising to the doctors themselves.

The idea was to show that both regular bingo and online bingo can improve brain activity and mental reflexes. The results clearly showed that the people who had played bingo, scored much higher on the test in things such as mental activity and ability. It was noted that people who regularly played bingo had a better reaction time, mental ability, mental speed, and even were able to retain and follow information around them faster. The study also concluded and saw that the older the person was, the better mental abilities were when they continued to play bingo.

So many are asking how in the world can bingo help you mentally. Well, we are here to break it down for you. While it’s good to play other games that seem to help brain activity such as chess, checkers, and backgammon, these types of games compared to bingo did not test as high in improving mental ability. While those types of games use the brain activity, it’s a different form as relaying the information that is already stored in the brain. Where as in bingo, is retaining different information all the time and quickly within a time frame of a bingo game. This is always keeping the brain activity fresh and continues to stay active though it may be a simpler task than other games.

So for many of you skeptics saying that bingo is a mindless waste of time. We hope to share a little more light on the subject. And science has proved otherwise, that bingo can help keep the mind healthy and fresh. This kind of activity does not matter how the bingo is played whether it’s online bingo or regular bingo. The fact of the matter is bingo can improve your healthy lifestyle, increase brain activity, and will help mental and physical reflex time.

By Hunter Crowell
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