You will discover those that play backgammon on a regular basis favor their own backgammon board as they settle down for competition. This is not different to a pool player who reaches the club with his or her personal cue enclosed in a case. The more the fixture means to you the more personalized your become.

On occasion players will decline to use the backgammon game board of others, as they feel a lot more relaxed, or more fortunate, when using their own. This is one cause that during tournaments players make use of the house board so no one feels they’ve an advantage.

When searching for a backgammon board there are several factors to take into account. First, if you are just starting out all you really require is a low-cost board. These are frequently purchased in packs of multi-games where one-side of the game boards is backgammon and the other side is utilised for checkers or chess. The backgammon pieces are frequently plastic, and often inter-changeable with checker parts. For novices a basic set is fine until decided if fond of the game or not. There is no reason in acquiring a costly set and learning that you do not like the game.

When you are ready to begin searching for the finer backgammon boards, you will probably want one that is in a case for simplicity in carrying. Several roll-up. You merely un-roll the board and gear up for play. Others are tabletop versions that appear like a mini briefcase when they are shut. These will include a handle for transporting and locks or clips to keep the board shut while being carried. A backgammon board is often coated with a felt like fabric, occasionally they are crafted with velour or some of the time suede, to make for both a decent presentation and a quality-playing facade.

Many individuals find backgammon is a fine game to unwind with. You will be able to play anywhere and if you commit to a backgammon club, you have the chance to play against various opponents. The backgammon boards ought to last for several years as long as great care is taken of it.

By Carlton Leigh
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