There are many important success factors involved in building a poker bankroll online. These factors go far beyond some of the obvious things such as bonuses and Freerolls. This article looks at these success factors, listing 5 tips for players serious about building a poker bankroll online.

Building A Poker Bankroll Online Tip #1 – Not All Bonuses Are Equal

The first place many players seeking to build a poker bankroll online look is to the sign-up bonuses that almost all online poker sites offer. The key point here is that the biggest bonus is not always the best. For example some sites offering very large bonuses have extremely low clearance rates – meaning that choosing 2 smaller bonuses may have resulted in faster poker bankroll building.

Building A Poker Bankroll Online Tip #2 – Look for Hidden Incentives

Features such as VIP Clubs, Freerolls and Cashback can contribute significantly to your online poker bankroll building. Make sure that any site you sign up for offers these incentives. Another incentive is regular reload bonuses, these are aimed at existing players and offer additional bankroll building cash bonuses which are often linked to your VIP club rank.

Building A Poker Bankroll Online Tip #3 – Play Within Your Bankroll

The most common mistake made by beginning poker players is incorrect online poker bankroll management. If you are serious about building an online poker bankroll you must take a disciplined approach to bankroll management. This means ensuring that no one poker session risks more than a small percentage of your total online bankroll. A good rule of thumb is to buy in to cash games for no more than 5% or to have a minimum of 50 buy-ins for the level of sit n go or multi player tournament in which you play.

Building A Poker Bankroll Online Tip #4 – Practice Good Game Selection

If the 10th best poker player in the world played only with the 9 better players then she would quickly lose her bankroll. While this may sound like a cliche it applies to every online poker player too. Make sure you take the time to select tables with the weakest opposition possible. If your preferred game and level at your current site is full of good players then look around for an alternative site. Having an edge over the opposition is a vital component in building a poker bankroll online.

Building A Poker Bankroll Online Tip #5 – Never Stop Learning

The single biggest contributor to your success in building an online poker bankroll is to ensure you are a better player than your opponents. This can only be achieved by studying the game, including your own strengths and weaknesses. Ensure that you dedicate some of your playing time to studying strategy articles and analysing hands or common situations. As your understanding improves you can move up levels which will boost your online poker bankroll building efforts even more.

GL with Poker Bankroll Building, Mark

By Mark Holland
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