The history online games are as fascinating as the games themselves. There has been lots of discussion about the online gaming history and there can be so many things to learn from it. It all began in 1969 when a two player game was developed for educational purposes. This game gave birth to a new trend that took a path full of twist and turns, undergone many changes and finally reached the form as we see it today. The features introduced in the games were fantastic in terms of that period and attracted the attention of the public at a massive proportion. Thus a multi-player computer game was born and it changed the whole outlook about computer games.
But the real beginning of games on the internet took place after 1995 when the restraint by the “National Science Foundation Network” (NSFNET) was lifted and resulted in the access to the complete domain of the internet and hence multi-player games really became a reality. Soon many companies joined the market as they witnessed the financial success of the companies who first launched online browser games and since then competition among the developers of such games is increasing. The features and the graphics of these were gradually improved by the toiling developers and as a result the games have become more and more advanced. Now a day’s most of these games are free and still acts as a massive source of entertainment to the gamers across the globe.
Those who love to play them should know the illuminating history. But they should know there were not as many free games in the beginning. The first online games which were made free are mainly board games like backgammon and chess and now almost all genres of games are available in the internet without having to spend a single penny. The history of these games is truly filled with fascinating facts.

By DeShea Witcher
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