The development of new technology like broadband internet connections has made way for board games to have a counterpart online. It is not hard to find several versions of your favorite board game available online. One added feature which becomes quite handy in rainy days is the ability to play either against another human player, or by yourself against the computer. Although a number of people still prefer the old fashioned board with pieces they can put their hand on, a growing majority is receiving the online versions with open arms.

In the old days, people had to be gathered in order to obtain the quorum necessary to play a game. The playing media, consisting of a board, was placed in the dinner table where everyone gathered around. As opposed to playing board games online, where you never get to see or feel your opponent, in fact he need not be in the same house or country you are in order for you to play with him. The only chance you have of interacting with some of the players would be if the website featuring the board game has a built in chat room where, if the player so wishes, he may enter and post a few comments.

Another factors that sets online board games apart from your traditional game, is the amount of detail and complexity that can be added to any given game. The online versions of Chess, Backgammon, Monopoly, Scrabble, and other titles can render a difficulty level which can match even the best players in the world.

There are some examples of board games, like “Snakes and Ladders”, which do not require a great amount of skill. A roll of the dice determines the development of the game. Entertainment per se, is delivered through the design of the board, which is especially fun for young children.

An increasing number of websites offer board games free online. This offer makes it even more appealing for board game enthusiasts to join to online craze. Board game titles are available free at your convenience. Some sites feature championships and high score tables, where players meet and compete against each other.

Moreover, some versions of these games are available for download, free as well. These are mostly trial versions, which may contain a large part of the full version. Although, they often have restrictions in the download version hoping the player will decide to purchase the full version in the future. It is part of a sales pitch by part of the software companies to show off their products hoping to increase sales.

Many popular titles, like Mahjong, Chess and Checkers have an online counterpart you can play free. No need to have people over in order to play, since you can engage a game online with your friends, or at home by yourself. The older generation shows more resentment towards online board games, since they grew up with the physical board. Many young children of the new generation will probably never see a board and play all their games online.

By Damian Cross
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