You will hear players saying they have a system or they can sell you their product that will guarantee riches in a matter of hours when using this sure fire method. But the truth is, if your not a card counter [and even that is not 100%] all you have is common sense plus your own gut feeling when playing any casino games.

The purpose of this page on blackjack tips is to make the blackjack player think and use his or her head when taking on the house at any casino.

Tip #1 – Knowing when to stand

So if the dealer is showing an 8 or above for his card, you need to take the hit because his chances of busting out are not good, but if the dealer is showing a 6 or lower, and you have 11 or higher, you can stand with the dealer having a 40% or higher chance of busting out.

Tip #2 – When You Should Hit

Rule of thumb, if you have a pair of Aces or Eights, Split them! But never split a pair of 4s, 5s or 10s. And lastly, split all other pairs when the dealer’s up card is lower than a 6. Basic strategy skills and important little tidbits to remember the next time youre at a Blackjack table! Stay with the safer bets always and split those Aces.

If you have never taken the insurance bet while playing blackjack, I will give a little explanation of how and why. The dealers up card is an Ace, does he have a face card in the hole? Does he have Blackjack? You bet $10 to play the hand, but now you have a chance to win back at least half your bet if you take the insurance bet, because then the dealer has to pay you half the pot so you break even. But by putting that extra $5 in the insurance pool, you have now just bet $15 total, and like I said, 80% of the time there will be NO Blackjack and you will lose $15 instead of $10.

By Jimmy Haines
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