It’s a well known fact that blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games, and if you’re looking for a blackjack tip here’s one for you. One of the most common questions that new players have when playing blackjack online; “Are the hands that are dealt from a shoe” the same as they are in a real casino?

With the software platforms used in the majority of the online blackjack casinos, the simple answer is yes. One of the main advantages of this is it can make it easier to count cards. For the blackjack player who takes his or her game seriously, a big part of being successful at winning is the ability to count cards. This gives players a bit more of an edge over the house. So whether it be through an online casino or a regular one, the cards are delivered via a shoe. In the case of an online blackjack room the shoe is electronic.

Another blackjack tip to keep in mind is most of the casinos use six decks to deal blackjack so this makes the task of counting cards quite difficult. As a result, blackjack is one of the many very attractive online casino games – with no eye in the sky watching, it is easy to write down every card that is turned, which is something you cannot do at a land-based casino. While you might think this makes it easier to win, this is not necessarily the case as the second variable in determining the difficulty of card counting is ‘penetration’. Penetration is simply the number of cards that are dealt before the deck is shuffled again. This becomes an issue because a card counter can’t assess the probability of certain cards being dealt until most of the cards have been already dealt. Hopefully this blackjack tip will save you some time and money at the online casino.

However, be aware that online blackjack casinos have the option or advantage of shuffling the deck after every hand that is played. In this scenario, there is no way to take advantage of any system of counting cards because there are not enough cards shown in a single hand. The only way that counting cards can be effective is in a multiplayer game using a single deck, which online casinos do not use. Because of this, a good blackjack tip would be to stick with one strategy and your chances of winning will be pretty good. That being said, aside from cheating, you will never have the odds in your favor.

Some helpful blackjack tips.

Tip #1. Blackjack games online generally are played at a quicker pace than at a regular table since there are no dealer substitutions. For this reason, you should watch the pace you play at, set betting limits and make sure you stick to them.

Tip #2. If you are not comfortable playing Blackjack online in multi-player mode, switch over to a single player table. However, remember this will speed up your blackjack session as you are the only player.

Tip #3. Playing online casino games for fun instead of real money won’t generally give you the results that you want. Online blackjack played for fun uses the random number generator that is found on your computer. Moreover, the cards are shuffled after every hand despite the shoe graphic. You have to play for real money in order to make sure that you are getting casino odds that are fair. Therefore be prepared for the pressure that comes with the decisions in real-time.

Online blackjack, like many online casino games, can be a lot of fun if you know what you are doing and most online casinos offer a blackjack tip here and there or some form of free online casino gambling to get you started.

By George Schmingy
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