We’ve all played Pontoon at some point in our lives; it’s one of the simplest card games in existence. In the UK, Pontoon involves being dealt two cards and you can for ask more cards in an attempt to make a number equalling twenty one or as close as possible without going higher. Each player gets the choice to ‘hit’ meaning to take a card, or ‘stick’ meaning to stay with the cards you have. You can hit all you want and then stick so long as the total stays below twenty one otherwise you’re ‘bust’ or to put it simply – out of the game. Then when all the players have stuck or gone bust they reveal their cards and the highest number wins, it’s as simple as that! The only other rule involved is that if you have five cards in your hand and you still aren’t bust you win instantly! This is Pontoon!

Blackjack however has a few other rules. It seems to be very basic itself, but is usually marketed for the high roller casino types! Money is involved so everything changes as to who you play against. In Pontoon you play against the other players, in Blackjack the players are pitted against the dealer, you don’t directly take any other players money. This makes Blackjack friendlier and more relaxed to play but you know that if you’re losing money the house is more than likely getting it all.

In Blackjack there is a special rule like in Pontoon that allows you win the round instantly, but unlike Pontoon you can’t do it by having five cards in your hand. This rule is actually why Blackjack is called Blackjack. If you are dealt any Ace and a Black-Jack (i.e. the Jack of Spades or the Jack of Clubs) then you win the round instantly no matter what anyone else has. Although the dealer can also get Blackjack, you get the chance to take out insurance against the possibility of the dealer getting Blackjack, which will cost you more but will protect some of your wager.

The only other rules in Blackjack that differ from Pontoon are the ‘Split’ and ‘Double Down’ rules. Split allows a player that is dealt a pair to split the pair into two hands, though an equal wager must be placed on each hand. The ‘Double Down’ rule allows the player to double their bet and draw only one more card in the hope of beating the dealer.

By Jonny Briggs
Well that is Blackjack and whether it’s Online Casino Blackjack or just regular casino blackjack, it’s all the same and you’re essentially just playing a fancier version of Pontoon. Enjoy!