Playing Blackjack at a free online casino doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t win money. The free online casino allows you to download the program for free and start playing without having to put up any money. You can participate in freeroll tournaments and the games that are play money. For those that have mastered the basics of Blackjack, the best online casino websites have real money games of Blackjack.

The basic idea of Blackjack is to hit 21 points. The term “Blackjack” is used when you are holding an Ace, worth 11 points and another card valued at 10, which automatically wins.

When you are playing at a free online casino, the game plays much the same as the live Vegas versions. The dealer has to stand at 17 or take a hit on 16. As long as your hand beats the dealer, without going over, you win the bet, which is normally paid at 2 to 1. The best online casino websites have Blackjack games that start under a dollar and go on up from there.

The players are all dealt two cards, face down. The dealer has one card dealt down and one card dealt face up. The betting starts based on your chances of hitting 21 or “Blackjack”, and your odds of beating the dealer. It is important that you understand what the odds are of beating the dealer, when placing your bets.

If you are not sure of the basics of Blackjack, there are a few things you should master before playing for money. Looking at the dealer’s “up” card can give you a clue of what they might have. If they have an Ace up, they might have Blackjack already and you can buy insurance, which will pay 2 to 1, but you lose the initial bet. If they don’t have Blackjack, then you lose the insurance bet, but might win on your original bet.

Other than that, the dealer’s “up” card offers you the advantage if it is a numbered card under 7, because they may have 17 and have to stand. You have to assume they have an Ace, which is always counted as 11 on the dealer, but can be counted as 1 point or 11 for the players, if they choose. The best online casino websites play by the same rules as Vegas, but you may want to play on the free games to get the hang of how your particular free online casino plays it.

Blackjack basic strategies include that you should take a “hit” on anything lower than 16 if the dealer is showing an Ace or Face card. You should stand on anything 17 or better. These strategies should win most of the time.

Other strategies include doubling down, where you would double your bet to play two chances, but only receive one card, that could be used with either of the others. Splitting a pair works on the same strategy. You would double your bet and play them as two separate hands. Of course, the more complicated strategies depend on the free online casino you are playing at. Learning Blackjack basics is important, when it comes to winning money at the best online casino websites.

By Simon Skinner
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