When you try to search on the web about online blackjack, you will come across different online Blackjack rules. The truth is, this game is fairly easy to learn and play. The simple and easy to play blackjack game is one of the reasons why people have learned to love this online game way beyond other types of poker games. However, as the game implies easy to play steps still, you have to keep yourself abreast of all the other Blackjack rules to learn.
First rule to remember is the rule of the cards. In online Blackjack rules, the number of cards that you will have for a specific game will all depend on the online casino. There are some cases where they will only provide one deck; in other cases it may vary as many as eight decks. There are also card values which include, the numerical cards, these comes from two to ten and are all worth their face value, while a nine is worth a nine; a five is worth a five, and so on. The next card value is the Face card, this comprises of kings, queens, and jacks and they are all worth ten points. Next one is the Ace; this can be high or low. A high ace is worth 11 points used to make blackjack while the low ace is worth one point.

The other rule to learn is the Deal. In online Blackjack rules, in the process of the game, the dealer will deal two cards to each player. One card is face down and the second card is face up. The betting usually takes place before the deal however, in other online casinos betting occurs when a specific gamer opted to split or double down.

Now, after familiarizing yourself with the card value and the deal, it is time to take some action. There are different types of actions you can make use of when it-s your time to turn your cards on. Always remember that your main goal is to beat the dealer without having to go over 21. The various actions that you can perform are, the Hit, this allows you to choose to take another card and hit as many times as you pleases until the time that you stand or bust. Next is the Stand, this is when you decide to stop hitting and take the opportunity on defeating the dealer. The Bust, this is the time when a player goes over 21. The Split, this will help in making a new hand, each of the hands can take actions like hit or stand. The Double Down is where you are betting double and winning double. And the Insurance, this is a way of insuring oneself of not loosing money in case the dealer has blackjack. You are going to buy this one and it only occurs on the first deal.

These online Blackjack rules will help gamers especially novice in starting to play and learn all the facets of the online blackjack game.

By Riza
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