Blackjack is an old and very popular game. This is perhaps the only game where you can exploit the house edge. With an understanding of the favorable rules and skills like card counting, you can turn the odds in your favor.

Today, there are dozens of “standard” and “special” Blackjack rules variations. To win more, you should try to find a Blackjack table with rules that are in your favor. You can even get more out of the techniques like card counting if you play Blackjack with rules that are in your favor.

In this article, you will learn the rules that can increase your chances of winning. Prefer playing on Blackjack tables that follow these rules.

Blackjack Pays 2-to-1

Under this rule, a Blackjack pays 2-to-1, like insurance. This payout is not very common. Only a few of the casinos offer Blackjack under this rule. You win twice your bet if you get a Blackjack. If you find such a Blackjack table, try your skills and luck at that table.

At some tables, Blackjack pays 6-to-5 or 1-to-1, instead of the regular 3-to-2 payout. Avoid these tables. There is nothing more unfavorable to the player than this type of payout.

Double Any Two Cards

Casinos often set restrictions in context to doubling down. Often a player is allowed to double down only on an initial total of 10 or 11. Some casinos allow doubling down on an initial total of 9, 10, or 11. Besides, those casinos prevent players from doubling down on a soft 17 hand. These rules are not favorable to player and often increase the house edge by 0.20%.

Find a Blackjack table that allows doubling down on any card total.

Double after Split

Some casinos allow you to double your wager after you split a pair. It provides you an advantage of 0.12%.

Five Card Charlie/Five Card Trick

If a Blackjack player gets a five card hand without going bust, the Dealer cannot beat this hand without getting a Blackjack. In other words, a five card hand beats all hands except the Blackjack. This rule is not widely available in Blackjack.

By Chanchaldi
Blackjack or 21 is one of the most admired casino games in the world. This game is all about comparing cards with one French Deck or more of 52 cards. In this exhilarating casino game, also you Hit or Stand strategically to make your winning chance superior.