The ultimate aim for any player while playing blackjack is to get cards of more than the dealer’s cards number, and the amount should not exceed 21. Another name for blackjack is number 21; player plays the game only to beat the dealer. This one-on-one game, dealer plays the game with one player at a time, however there are many other players around them.

What does the game include?

Blackjack is played between 1 and 8 card decks playing round; it begins with each player placing bet in the betting circle facing the dealer. Dealing of the card starts from the left, dealer gives card to the player in left and deal with him. This continues with each of the player and finally dealer gives one card to himself, again second card is distributed to all the players and is then dealt face down.

Once all the players and the dealer have two cards, dealer again starts with left. When all players and the dealer have 2 cards, the dealer again distribute the card and they are done with play. Dealer plays by certain house rules, he will hit total of 16 and stand 17 or more. Once dealer has played off his hand, he pays off better hands and collects on with poor hands. Now the winning ones collect the cash and make new bets in a new round.

Versatile playing options-

As the player deal with their first two cards, player can then decide on what cards he has and what the dealer shows. Options for playing blackjack includes-

Stand- If the player is satisfied with the first two cards; he may refuse for more cards. To indicate this player must wave the dealer away. In a 1-deck game, player must put the cards within the bet.

Hit- If player requires another card, he can do this until he stands. To indicate his wish, he has to hit, tapping the table with finger.

A Double- If player needs to have one more card, he may double his bet and it can be deal with more cards. This option can be availed on previous two cards.

Surrender- These option can be availed on limited casinos, for the first two cards, player feels he will not be able to beat the dealer’s hand, he calls for a quit. Dealer then picks his cards and half of the bet, but leaves the other half of the bet; if he loses he saves half of the betting amount.

Online Blackjack gambling-While playing online there are signal for every move, if player needs to have another card, hit button should be clicked.

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By Bill Livingstone
All American Blackjack is very much like any other blackjack with one exception that shall be explained later as the course of introducing this game takes place.