Well, I’m back at the blackjack tables again. This time armed with some very powerful strategies. But I’m not here to talk about any one of these new strategies, rather I’d like to talk about the common enemy of every blackjack player: mini-clumps!

In fact, the ability of a strategy to play through and exploit these clumps is the key to its success. There is no other way to really beat today’s blackjack shoe than by battling these clumps. Let’s take a closer look at the nature of the beast.

Clumps have been long recognized in blackjack. That is, players have realized for years that the blackjack shoe is not a completely random sequence of cards. Anyone playing this game has surely noticed streaks of low cards followed by streaks of high cards.

This seemingly abnormal distribution of cards creates a lot of problems for the players executing basic strategy. Why? Because basic strategy doesn’t account for this kind of clumping in its play. It assumes that cards will be evenly distributed. And this even distribution accounts fro many of the decisions that the player of basic strategy makes.

But I got new for you: Cards aren’t evenly distributed! They never were! Why do you think card counting was invented? The card counters knew shoes had a tendency to unevenly distribute or clump cards. They developed a technique of finding this uneven distribution and exploiting this distribution when it was favorable to the player. That is, when a clump of high cards was due!

Because it is well established that the more a player can get natural hands, hands where he doesn’t have to hit, the more chance he has of beating the dealer. The problem is and still remains: How do we put ourselves in this situation, in this kind of clump!

Well, I got some more news for you: Cards don’t clump in a long string of high and low cards either. Rather, they distribute themselves in mini-clumps. That is, small groupings of cards, ranging anywhere from 6-18 cards, that give a transitory signature of high and low cards to the players. The failure of both basic strategy and card counting to recognize these mini-clumps is the reason for their failure.

Or to put it another way: The normal distribution of cards in today’s blackjack shoes is to unevenly distribute cards into these mini-clumps. Mini-clumps aren’t the exception. They are the rule in all blackjack games. And your ability to play through these mini-clumps allow you to deal with the “reality of the blackjack tables.” To use the words of Dr. Jacobs. Think about it. Till next time.

By Leonard Benson
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