Las Vegas is the Mecca of the gambling world and every blackjack fan should visit the city at least once. Playing blackjack in other locations and online is a lot of fun but none of it can compare to actually hitting up a major casino in the middle of the Las Vegas strip.

When you finally do make it to a casino in Las Vegas, it would probably be a good idea to simply observe the blackjack games for a while before jumping right in. No matter how much online blackjack experience you have, you’ll still notice major differences between playing live and playing online.

The first thing you’ll want to know before going is how to buy in. Unlike an online casino, you actually need to convert your cash to chips and bring it all to the table yourself. It’s not too complicated of course, but it helps to know how to take care of these small tasks so that everything runs smoothly.

By standing aside and observing the games for a while, you’ll also get a better idea of what’s what at the table. If you’re used to playing online, you’re probably also used to having everything labeled – from the size of the bets to the hand totals. In live play, you don’t get the same luxury and it can be surprisingly unsettling at first.

After that, you’ll want to have a working knowledge of basic blackjack terminology and hand gestures. In a live casino setting, you need to communicate your intentions clearly so that the dealer can keep the games running at a nice, fast pace. Again, none of this is too difficult to learn so it shouldn’t take too long to get the hang of it.

Once you get those little things out of the way, you’ll be ready to enjoy blackjack in all its glory. Playing blackjack in Las Vegas is an experience that you simply can’t recreate anywhere else. Don’t get me wrong – online blackjack definitely has its perks. All I’m saying is that you have to try it in Vegas at least once.

If you ever get the chance and have the money to visit Las Vegas, jump on it. Vegas is a wild city and all but you only live once. At the very least, you’ll end up with some amazing memories. At the very best, you’ll leave Vegas a little richer than when you came.

By Jeremy
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