Some UK mathematicians have worked out a new way of card counting at blackjack that really works, though it does need a fairly powerful computer in order to implement it.

Should casinos start worrying about blackjack card counters all over again? Ever since they got stung by the famous MIT blackjack card counters they have put a number of measures in place to prevent this happening again. These measures include changing the way the cards are dealt and modifying the rules of the game and payouts. In fact nowadays often they are quite happy for card counters to try their luck.

The UK mathematicians who wish to remain anonymous for now have developed computer programmes that simulate real life card shuffles and can work out the flow of the cards to a level of accuracy that beats the best results obtained by traditional card counting significantly. They intend to publish precise details regarding how this works along with the mathematics behind it either later this year or early in 2010 and until then they are keeping it to themselves.

They say that they developed the technique by analysing blackjack shuffles of hundreds of professional dealers and found that there were hidden patterns in the deals that could be simulated on a computer. Although every dealer was different to a certain extent, their behaviours could be analysed and this analysis used to change some basic parameters in the algorithms. By using this in combination with recording a few decks being played through, certain card sequences could be predicted with a high degree of statistical confidence. Any player or group of players who could pull this off at a live casino would have a serious advantage over the house.

To do this requires a significant amount of computing power, certainly much more than is available currently in a portable computing device such as a smart phone, but they point out that all the counters would need to do would be to communicate by radio to a remote station.

They have warned that it is illegal to use any computing device in casino blackjack.

By Hollie Wilcox
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