Blackjack is a casino game that while playing well you can change your odds of winning. With careless gambling, you can mess up most any games of chance. Games like roulette and craps, decisions you make in these games do not enhance your odds. In blackjack, you can control the casinos edge by the decisions you make whether to hit or stand on cards and how much to wager. If you play well the casino players around you will not have the same odds at blackjack that you have.

When you talk about blackjack “basic strategy” is the language you will hear. This phrase is important and a great guide to follow. It uses science and mathematics that will reduce the casinos edge to 0.5 percent. Careless blackjack players that do not follow this strategy with enhance the casinos edge by 3 to 5 percent and in turn destroying their chances to beat the house at blackjack!

Some important matters when considering basic strategy and blackjack odds. Choose blackjack tables that uses fewer decks, blackjack dealers that stand on soft 17. This will increase your odds significantly! Choose blackjack tables that allow you to double down your bets, very important! The more double down options the better, double on a split, or the ability to surrender a hand. Follow the blackjack charts to create better odds for yourself to win at blackjack.

In Blackjack if you start to win right away place most of your winnings aside. That way you will control your bankroll for that session. This will ensure that you will walk away with minimum losses after you have lost your initial budget or walk away with big profits. If you lose at the early stages of blackjack, make a rule that you do not wager again when you go past your budget. The card gods are against you tonight!

If you are in a losing streak do not double your wagering, a wiseman’s saying. This sounds illogical, but it stops you from doubling your wagering to recover losses quickly. Your emotions take over and you do not think clearly. This will hurt you in a casino. If you follow basic strategy winning will happen!

By James Murray
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