The Blackjack Basic Strategy that I prefer to use I have learned by obtaining a good understanding of the rules, and through practice. The whole trick is to know what play to make depending on the cards you are holding, compared to what the dealer is showing. For example, always splitting two aces or two 8’s is a common Blackjack Basic Strategy that all players follow. The reason is because you will be increasing your chances of winning dramatically. If you left the two 8’s together you hand would have a value of 16, which is one of the worst hands a player can obtain in blackjack. On the other hand, although the ace is one of the most valued cards, it can only be accepted as a 1 or an 11, and considering 21 is the number you are trying to reach; any Blackjack Basic Strategy would tell you that keeping two aces is pointless.

Blackjack Basic Strategy – simple strategy
I have also learned through simple Blackjack Basic Strategy, that doubling down is useful when my hand has a pair of 5’s, or a value of 10. When doubling down this will allow my hand to reach 20, which is the best hand next to blackjack. I have often found that when I held 20 in my hand, I became the winner, because it is rare for any of the other players to have 21.

Blackjack Basic Strategy – another great way!
Another great way to learn Blackjack Basic Strategy is to consult a blackjack strategy card. I purchased mine in the store of a casino in Las Vegas, but you can find a strategy card on a variety of online casino sources, as well as in Blackjack Basic Strategy books that you can purchase for a low cost. Regardless of how you get one of these cards, you will discover that they are a great help, and because you are allowed to take them with you when playing in a casino, you can freely use them anytime you wish to apply Blackjack Basic Strategy to your game.

By James Ford
James is a memeber of Gamblerslab writers.