In recent times bingo has undergone a renaissance and it looks set to continue in the future, which is exciting news to all bingo enthusiasts out there!
In the UK alone, bingo generates around £1.1 billion per annum, and that huge figure is destined to grow even more if bingos revitalisation continues at its current growth.
Bingo – Back From the Brink of Extinction
The height of bingos popularity came during the 1970’s. The land based bingo hall provided an inexpensive and pleasurable form of entertainment that allowed people to socialise and have a chance to win some serious money. Bingos popularity came to an abrupt end during the 1990’s, largely down to an unfashionable image which owed to the fact that hoards of OAP’s would occupy the bingo halls. Unlike the dodo, bingo has been saved from extinction when on its last legs.
This surge in popularity has been mainly down to Bingos emergence in the world of internet gambling, but also due to the vigorous and aggressive marketing campaigns executed by the bingo companies, as they attempt to reinvigorate the game by adapting and modernising some of the antiquated techniques used previously to market bingo to the masses. Even the land based bingo halls have moved toward advertising their websites instead of their now out-of-date bricks and mortar equivalent.
Who Benefit’s From Bingo’s resurgence?
The internet has changed the bingo industry for ever. Players can now access their favourite online bingo hall at the touch of a mouse in the comfort of their own home. What is interesting is that the majority of the players nowadays are female, seeking a sociable, lively and welcoming environment to play in. Chat rooms have become a focal point in the success story of online bingo as it means it adds a community feel to a game that can be played anywhere even when alone.
The online bingo scene will continue to flourish, and it really does seem like the sky’s the limit, but this can only mean that there will be more and more online bingo halls entering the market which will have a hugely positive effect on bingo players as the bonuses, promos and jackpots as well as the bingo experience will all vastly improve as all the different sites will be varying for the same players, so those who provide the best site and promos will gain more players and in turn more profit.
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By Erim Jones
Content Writer