Bingo Provides Health Benefits

Many people think that a decline in mental abilities is an inevitable part of aging but a recent study says otherwise. It is well known that those who stay mentally and intellectually active can reduce their chances of falling victim to Alzheimer’s disease later in life. A combination of physical and mental exercise will allow seniors to have a decent quality of life. There is good news for bingo players especially older ones after a study showed a clear relationship between playing bingo and boosting motor skills and brain activity. Both land based and online bingo have been shown to boost and preserve coordination and mental activity slowing or even preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s and other afflictions associated with aging.

Tests given subjects showed that regular bingo players scored higher on tests of mental ability and agility. Those who played bingo regularly showed greater memory, mental speed and a higher ability to process information from their environment. Regular bingo players showed continued improvement in all these skills as long as they continued playing.

There are other games of skill that boost mental activity such as chess and backgammon but these games did not produce the same results as bingo. The difference can be explained by the fact that chess and backgammon require players to use and process stored information but bingo requires players to perform tasks very quickly. Chess and backgammon players can take their time while playing but bingo players must react very quickly and act instantly. Some critics of online games say they are mind numbing and a waste of time but for bingo these criticisms do not hold water.

Since many seniors and pensioners are on fixed incomes many cannot afford a night out at a land based bingo parlor. Thanks to the many bingo bonuses available and free play options online bingo is a perfect fit for older players on a fixed or limited income. The generous bonuses offered by most bingo sites allow players to essentially play for free for quite a while. The bottom line is that most people play bingo because it’s fun and exciting and the health benefits provided by the game are just frosting on the cake.

By Anthony Wayne 2009 All rights Reserved.