Bingo is a very popular game and its popularity is increasing by the day. Most land casinos offer bingo games and there are many Internet bingo game sites too. People prefer playing a game of bingo as it does not involve any complex rules. You do not have to employ numerous strategies or tactics to play the game of bingo.

Bingo is a simple and relaxing game. You have various bingo cards. Random calling of numbers takes place and you have to match the called numbers with the numbers on your bingo card. Casinos are bringing in bingo machines with slight modifications to cash in on the growing popularity of the game.

Rather bingo machines prove to be an improvisation of video slot machines. Some countries legally prohibit slot machines but allow people to play bingo games. Hence, casino operators are trying to bring in machines, which look like slot machines but function like bingo machines. In other words, games are similar to bingo.

Legal and common bingo machines have names like Triple Threat Bingo. These machines have drums spinning on the wheels. These drums have pictures of diamonds, cherries, and other familiar slots icons. You need to drop coins and push a button for the wheel to start spinning. If the cherries or other similar icons line up in a particular designated pattern, you win many dollars.

However, there are minor differences in these bingo machines to make them distinct from slots machines. Casino operators popularize them as bingo machines and hence print paper tickets for winners to cash out their winnings. They also do away with tokens or system of dropping money into a hopper.

Within four years, Maryland will get around 7,750 bingo machines while Pennsylvania and California will receive around 30,000 each. Such bingo machine manufacturing companies want to install the bingo machines at places wherever bingo is a regular game. Many churches and nonprofit organizations, social groups, and other similar setups organize bingo games to raise money for charity and other social causes. Bingo machines are in vogue now after a series of court rulings and decisions.

Some places impose specific laws with specifications for such bingo machines. The machines need to comply with certain government regulations. These regulations include special pull-tabs on the machines. These tabs deliver bingo tickets on pulling.

The other parts like a spinning reel, symbols like cherries and diamonds are similar to video slots machines. Winning combinations prompt the bingo machine to deliver a preprinted ticket. This ticket helps you cash your winnings. Essentially, these bingo machines resemble slots machines considerably.

Such immense resemblance of bingo machines to slots machines does not gel well with those opposing slots games. Although bingo is a casino game, it does not pose to be a serious gambling game as the game rules are very simple. Bingo is more a game of chance and you can hardly produce extensive effects on the results of the game.

However, the latest development across casinos of the world is to introduce such bingo machines. These machines satisfy legal laws of the country and at the same time offer game-setups similar to the slots. Most county laws offer permission for bingo games but provide very strict and stringent laws for slots games.

Under the present law, Director of Inspections and Permits approves electronic devices for using in bingo halls and at other charitable causes. However, the government can realize little money from such machines as charity organizations holding such bingo games do not pay any taxes on the money made from such bingo games.

By Hunter Crowell
Hunter Crowell is a researcher, an avid Internet bingo player and the creator of the Play Bingo Game Online, a web site setup to help Online Bingo players learn about the game and the best places to play online.