The game of Bingo has been able to connect several people together simply because the millions around the world simply adore the game of bingo. In UK alone, there are around 3 million or so who visit bingo halls regularly throughout the year. The bingo is a part of the British weekly social activities and enables singles, couples and even the whole family to go out together for a night of fun. The game provides the players with fun, fame and felicitations, the apt rewards for the excitement and thrill the players stand up to.

There are many bingo halls that employ a pub like atmosphere. Such an atmosphere allows people to meet other people and also make new friends. The players can also have a round of chat in a place devoid of the dark lighting, heavy loud music and other typical features of a nightclub or a bar. If truth be told, many players have actually met their true love in a bingo hall. It is also said in a game of online bingo people have met their partners as it offers an informal environment where people can chat and meet others.

The several surveys show that the same demographic also plays online bingo; it is the use of countless chat rooms or online dating agencies that has spread the message around in an effort to make strangers meet their matching counterparts. The online bingo sites mostly provide a chat room function where the player can play many fun games and at the same time interact with people using the same chat room system. For instance, at Chit Chat Bingo, a player stands a chance of meeting people from all over the UK and potentially Europe, as the game shares a common player network. This is the network, which increases the jackpot prize capability and also the amount of players that can chat together and finally meet each other.

According to one certain Internet survey agency, there are 54% of women have used online dating or chat rooms in order to find friends. There is yet another statistics that shows 46% of men using online dating or chat rooms seek long-term relationships. Thus, it is quite clear an indication that there are several people who use the Bingo directly or indirectly to further spread their relationships. The people use the chat options included in online Bingo quite extensively to seek new relationships.

Given below is a list that shows what the percentage of men and women are seeking when entering chat room or dating agencies.

Those seeking friendship – 39% men, 54% women
Seeking long-term relationships – 46% men, 42% women
Intimate relationship – 37% men, 16% women
Shared interest – 22% men, 27% women
No strings flings – 30% men, 8% women
Short term – 21% men, 10% women

By Max Turner
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