There are umpteen number of ways in which one can enjoy an evening out, or even at home for that matter. A night of Bingo is an excellent idea for an entertaining evening as not only grownups but kids also find the game exciting and enjoyable. The game is pretty easy to understand as all that is required is buying a Bingo card. Then the player has to wait for the numbers on his card to be called out. Once you get the required formation with these numbers, you are the winner. It’s as simple as that.

If simple and easy do not seem very appealing, you can add some extra features to make them more interesting and enjoyable. The latest craze ruling the world of Bingo is Poker Bingo. Playing Bingo and Poker at the same time is double the fun and can be quite challenging as well. In Poker Bingo the players are given 6 Bingo cards each at the starting of the game. Bingo cards have different prices ranging from $0.1-$1. Even the bets placed on these cards vary in amount. Each round consists of 10 balls, which are called quite quickly. At the end of the round, you are given the option of holding all or some Bingo cards. You can even discard all of the cards and can wait to join the next game.

You need to pay an ante for every card kept by you, only then can you continue the next round of the existing game. In the next round also, 10 balls are called and again you are given the same choices as after the first round. Many such rounds of 10 balls are called and the pot keeps on growing with each round of the Poker Bingo game.

It’s better to keep the cards than to regret later when the numbers being called coincide with the numbers of the dropped Bingo cards. It is in fact beneficial to keep many cards for a few consecutive rounds. Though the game is a bit lengthy it can be entertaining as well. The best part about this game is that the players have the same number of cards each time they start a new game. This game is fun to play and can add a dash of excitement to your evening, whether you have it at home with a few friends. Playing bingo online, or head for the local night spot that offers Bingo.

You can also add some more games to make the night more vibrant, such as a couple of popular casino games. If you don’t mind making an extra effort, you could get a casino game table and some accessories to go along with it. Without having to go to a real casino, you can entertain your guests in a similar fashion and give them a feel of an evening out in a casino. If it is an organised and planned party you can hire some hosts or hostesses to conduct all the games in true casino style. Whip up some Vegas style cocktails and get the party going.

By Rakesh Gaikwad
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