It’s easy and fun, and better yet, you might walk away with cash or a prize for a win! It is not an intricate or difficult game to play, making it available to kids, adults and seniors of all ages. The game play may vary, but all the bingo games pretty much have the same basics. The object of bingo is to achieve a certain pattern on a BINGO card by marking out numbers that are called by the bingo caller. Each bingo card consists of a 5 X 5 grid with 5 lines across, 5 lines down and 5 spaces to each line. There are 24 spaces and 1 free space on your bingo card to fill. The word bingo is listed above your grid, with each letter of the word assigned to one of the lines. When the bingo caller begins to randomly call out bingo numbers, you must mark them on your grid. You can mark your numbers on your grid in various ways. You can use anything from coins to a bingo marker as well as even macaroni to mark your numbers. If the number B6 is called out, you will find the “B” line and check and see if you have the number six on that line. If you do, you will then mark that square.

You can use as many bingo cards as you like, but remember, you must be fast, don’t take on too many cards at once to mark – you might miss numbers or utterly confuse yourself. There are different ways you can win in bingo depending on what type of game you are playing. In some games, you only have to fill out a full line, either diagonal, horizontal or vertical, with the corresponding numbers. In other games, you might have to fill in all the square on your bingo card grid. A bingo win can consist of a prize or money, ranging anywhere from a few pounds to thousands of pounds! Bingo is played everywhere from halls, to schools, senior citizen centres to gambling establishments. In this day and age with the use of technology, you can play bingo in the comfort of your own home on the computer with online bingo! Bingo is fun and fast to learn. What better way to have a great time and maybe even win an exciting prize. Happy Bingo playing!

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