Bingo is a popular form of entertainment enjoyed all over the world. Whether enjoyed at a traditional brick and mortar bingo hall or at an online bingo site, the game has many variations to interest a diverse group of people. Canadians, like many citizens worldwide, enjoy playing bingo. Canadian bingo halls that are within close proximity actually cater to many Americans who cross the border to partake in Canadian bingo games. Often the pots available there are large than the ones in their area. American business accounts for a great deal of the Canadian bingo market. They find Canadian bingo a bit different than American bingo. Without a doubt the bingo craze is here to stay in Canada.

One unique type of bingo that is played in Canada is referred to as Chicken Poop Bingo. Typically played in the Canadian Province of British Columbia, chicken poop bingo attracts many people. Specifically, the game is played in the town of Lytton, which has proclaimed itself to be the home of Chicken Poop bingo. The game has migrated to other parts of North America, specifically the United States where it is played often in the state of Texas. In chicken poop bingo, a chicken is placed in a pen with a bingo grid on the floor. The chicken of course runs around the pen. When the chicken decided to poop, the poop will of course land on a space within the bingo card on the floor of the pen. The player with the number the chicken pooped on wins the bingo game.

Of the two versions of bingo, 75 ball and 90 ball, the 75 ball version is the most widely played bingo game in Canada. The bingo card used in this game is comprised of 5 columns with 5 rows making a total of 25 bingo spaces on the bingo card. The 90 ball version of bingo is played in some locations but is not as popular as its 75 ball cousin. Even though most cities have a traditional bingo hall, many Canadians also enjoy the online version of the bingo game.

By Stewart Walker
Bingo is popular in a number of countries including Canada and the UK. There are different bingo game variations, with a number of companies in the industry. One of the long established is Mecca Bingo which has a number of bingo games on its online website.