Bingo is one of very popular games which can be played by people of all ages. Even a 5 year child can play bingo. Bingo can also be said as “A game for all”. This game can be played everywhere; there are online bingo games available now. This online game helps the working people to relax in between their busy schedule. The origin of bingo game was from Italy in the year 1530, when the Italian lottery called” Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia” was organized. The Bingo game was called as “Lotto” in the earlier periods. People started playing the game with full interest; soon the game started spreading towards all countries. In 1770 France people came to know about this game and it got popularized.This game was played by having 90 wooden chips which were numbered and pulled at a time. The players will have a unique card and the person who completes the horizontal row first wins the prize.

In 1800 the game has spread over the European countries. And the people started using this game for teaching the children with multiplication tables. Many educational games where thought with the cards. At that time the game was known as “beano”, by mishearing of the people a person from New York heard it and he pronounced it as “BINGO” and this was the origin of the name. The game reached North America by 1929 when it was first played by Edwin S.Lowe. He discussed about this game with a math’s professor called Carl Leffler from Columbia University and he increased the combinations in Bingo cards. Leffler, later on invented 6000 different bingo cards in the year 1930. A catholic priest used bingo to be played in churches to increase funds. This way Bingo became popular and it was played everywhere in America and soon after, all over the world. In 1934 10000 Bingo games were played weekly and now nearly 90 million dollars are spent on the bingo game.

There are many rewards waiting for bingo winners. Players are now able to enjoy the game online. We need some luck to win the prizes. Bingo game is played worldwide and in many countries it is called my different names. For example in New Zealand and Australia, bingo is called as “Housie”. The game will have slight variations from the original bingo game. Bingo will increase your concentration and thinking capacity.

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