Bingo is a popular past time among Americans. It’s been around for ages and is a well-loved game of families and friends all over the world. We must remember that bingo is still a game and players need to exercise courtesy and sportsmanship towards one another to keep it all in the name of good, clean fun. Here are guides and some do’s and don’ts to remember to enjoy the game better.

When you’re in the bingo hall, do the following:

* Always pay attention to the host as he calls out the drawn numbers.

* Pay close attention to the game you are playing. Make sure you are marking your cards well.

* If you get bored with bingo, try other variations of the game like keno.

* Do keep your kids at bay. If you’re bringing your kids in a bingo hall with you, don’t let them run around and cause a ruckus. If you can’t leave your kids at home, bring recreational materials for them to play with while you’re playing bingo.

* Think before you yell ‘bingo!’. Make sure you really have all the numbers in the pattern before claiming to be a winner. Calling bingo falsely disrupts the game and messes up the concentration of your fellow players.

* Bingo halls and cigarettes are very synonymous to each other. Smoke only in designated places in the bingo hall.

When you’re in the bingo hall, don’t do the following:

* Do not talk excessively to the point that you’re disrupting other players as they concentrate on their game. Be sensitive to your fellow bingo players who are there to seriously play the game.

* Do not run over any player when you’re running to the front to claim your winnings.

* Be a sport; don’t be angry if someone else is proclaimed the winner. That’s how any game goes. There’s a winner and there’s always a loser. Be mature and gracious in handling defeat.

* Do not hog all the table space by spreading your bingo cards and personal belongings all over the table.

* Don’t grab someone’s lucky seat. Some players have their so-called lucky seats. Do not ever sit on one of your fellow player’s lucky seat.

* Don’t get angry with the host. He’s just doing his job as a number drawer and caller. If the number he’s calling out is not in your cards, don’t get mad at him. It’s not his fault. Don’t take your frustrations on the game to other players and the host.

Online bingo chat room etiquette:

* Do not use derogatory or swear words in chat rooms.

* Don’t type using capital letters. Even if you’re not angry and you do this, people might be in the impression that you are mad.

* As with any other game, don’t be a sore loser! Show respect to the winner by telling him ‘congratulations’.

* Use an appropriate username. Make sure your username will not be offensive to other people. Be sensitive to other people’s feelings, even if it’s just online.

* Don’t hog the chat room. Give other people a chance to talk.

By Paul Eddison
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