Bingo Cruises Offer Fun and Excitement

For many hard core bingo fanatics a vacation has to include exciting bingo games. Very few bingo players take a vacation from bingo; rather they take vacations to play bingo in new and sometimes exotic locales. For these devoted players a bingo cruise is the perfect solution. To meet this demand the Carnival cruise line has offered bingo cruises with great success. These cruises are centered around bingo games and tournaments on board a luxury liner. Prizes for cruise games can be as high as $80 to $100,000 dollars. One website, The Bingo Bugle, has been sponsoring bingo cruises for years. The Bingo Bugle has teamed up with Carnival Cruise Lines to provide bingo fanatics with a luxurious bingo cruise experience. The Bingo Bugle has sponsored these bingo cruises for 22 years.

The cruises have become so popular that many online bingo sites offer cruise tickets and reservations as prizes and promotions. What could be better than enjoying perfect Caribbean weather while enjoying an exciting game of bingo? The popularity of bingo cruises is not in the least bit surprising. In the US bingo is $6 billion dollar a year industry and more people play bingo than go to movie theatres. Film maker John Jeffcoat documented a bingo cruise in his award winning documentary titled, Bingo! The Documentary.

The Carnival bingo cruise takes eight days and travels to Panama, Costa Rica and Belize to name just a few ports of call. In addition to bingo games the cruise offers shopping opportunities, lounging around the pool, great food, and casino games. Night activities offered to cruise participants include dancing and nightly shows. Despite all the other activities available the World Bingo Championship dominates the cruise.

The Caribbean cruises have been so popular that Carnival has added an Alaska bingo cruise. The 23rd Annual World Championship Bingo Tournament and Gaming cruise offers $100,000 in cash prizes and additional games include slots, Texas Hold ‘Em and blackjack. Ports of call include Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway, Victoria BC and Tracy Ann Fjord. Bingo cruises are already being planned for 2011. Many online bingo websites are offering tournament seats as prizes and eager bingo players are signing up well in advance. For an annual event that receives little mainstream publicity Bingo cruises are well attended by bingo players from both sides of the Atlantic.

By Anthony Wayne 2009 All rights Reserved.