Bingo are used in different version of online Bingo games, i.e., Decision Bingo. Decision Bingo is the newest format of the online Bingo game, which is similar to any other Bingo game in terms of rules. Here, the players have a liberty to decide whether he wants to play Bingo ahead in the game after every three calls. In other words, a player playing a game of Decision Bingo can quit the game in middle of it, if he does not wish to go ahead. Till now, this option was not available in online Bingo games.

The role of Bingo in a Decision Bingo game is that every player needs to have Bingo to purchase Bingo cards and wager money in Decision Bingo game. This can be done in the beginning and after every three calls. This means, a player can only buy Bingo cards with the help of Bingo. A game starts with a caller declaring the number of Bingo cards, which each player has to buy, to be in the game. This can be done in exchange of Bingo . Later on, once the game starts, after every three calls, a player gets a chance to decide whether he or she wants to play Bingo ahead or quit at that level. A player decides this after seeing the called out numbers. After that, if he wishes to stay in the game, he has to use his Bingo to do so. Here, the one having the maximum number of Bingo at the end of the game will be declared winner. Again, to be the winner, a player has to Play Bingo Online till the end of the game.

In other words, it would not be wrong to say that these Bingo Chips act like your real money, which you have to wager on while playing. While playing Decision, a player has to maintain a least number of to make him able to play till the end of the game, in case he wishes to. This decision can be taken by checking out the cards and the numbers crossed on them.

As Decision is the newest format and not many players are aware of the rules and regulations of the game; at Chips, we advise you to go through the rules tab and read thoroughly before starting playing. Also, keep in mind that whenever you are playing a game of Decisive, the amount of money a player can win is always limited. A game of Decision can be played in online as well offline formats of Bingo.

By Sam Bingo
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