The entire game of bingo is all about, of course, the bingo cards. If it were not for bingo cards, there is, well, no game at all! So what determines the bingo cards? Various factors influence choosing bingo cards and what makes a bingo card. Though the UK and the US version of online bingo games might be quite different, the bingo cards remain the same. In a regular game of bingo, a number is called out that the players are meant to strik-off their cards if present. If your entire card id marked off, you win the game.

Traditionally the bingo cards were made out of cardboard or reusable paper, but due to the recent change of times and attitude even the bingo halls have turned towards the online version of the bingo cards. The online bingo cards have various styles, where the bingo numbers are printed on them and the players mark them off with a pen, marker or a dauber. The bingo cards can be bought at the bingo halls or online for both home and club use. While you purchase the bingo cards online you can also benefit from the various discount offers that come your way if you buy multiple cards.

With the latest development in the bingo game, you now can have your bingo cards custom-made, like the DLTK bingo cards, that has eight images and free space. The other cards are the bingo cards that allow you to choose the words that you wish to play for. People in the UK call the bingo cards as tickets and are different from the US bingo cards. The UK bingo cards have three rows and nine columns, with every row having five numbers and four empty spaces. The US bingo cards are 5X5 squares and has numbers from 1 to 75 with the center square empty. Then there are the ‘filmsy’ that are bingo cards that are printed on sheets of paper that are worth $1 or $2. These are usually used on special nights with the winnings often bigger than the normal ones.

By john smith
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