Bingo callers play an integral part in the bingo session. Many people believe that the only duties of the bingo caller would consist of calling out the numbers. However, their job is much more involved than people think.

Prior to the bingo session, the bingo caller must make certain preparations. During this time, the bingo caller decides upon which bingo patterns will be used during the session. They also determine the sequence of these bingo card patterns. There is too much going on in a bingo session for this decision to be made during the game. Bingo callers also make sure they understand the particular bingo card patterns. Sometimes the bingo hall may decide to introduce new patterns. When the bingo caller has an understanding of this information, he can they relay it to the players.

The bingo caller should have knowledge about the operation of the bingo hall. This would include such information as fees and potential prizes to be won. This may also include information about any facilities provided within the bingo hall.

Knowing what bingo words mean is another important quality for bingo players to have. Many nicknames are associated with various bingo numbers. The bingo caller should brush up on these and have a good grasp of them.

Bingo is a form of entertainment. People play it for fun and recreation. Therefore, some of the more successful bingo callers use their skills to add to this purpose. Many are fun and provide another source of excitement for the bingo crowd. Some players have been known to avoid certain bingo halls if they do not care for the resident bingo caller.

Bingo callers need to be able to speak clearly. They also need to inflect their voice to keep it interesting and avoid being monotone. If the bingo hall does not have a sound system equipped with a microphone, then the bingo caller must be able to speak loudly and clearly. This would ensure that players can hear the bingo call. It is also helpful it the bingo caller is observant and is able to evaluate the players comprising their audience.

By Jake Harris
When playing bingo in a hall, the role of the caller is to ensure that the numbers are read clearly and that the game is entertaining for the players. Whereas on the other hand, online bingo games do not require this.