Lucky local wins £250,000 and shares half with rest of club

It was a special day at Gala Bingo in Wolverhampton on Sunday, July 12, when a lucky local scooped an incredible £250,000 on the High 5 jackpot.

The winner, a grandmother from Wolverhampton who has chosen to remain anonymous, went at the Ashmore Park club to play bingo with her partner and some friends and won the full house prize of £3,000 – and was shocked to find she’d also hit the High 5 jackpot, taking her winnings up to £128,000.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Wolverhampton luck didn’t stop there. Because of the groundbreaking nature of the High 5 game, half of the overall jackpot – £125,000 – was shared between the 61 players in the club at the time, meaning each player took away £2,049.18 each!

The winner, who is 76 years old, said: “I am absolutely ecstatic with the win. It hasn’t really sunk in yet – when I got home from bingo I just sat staring into space while it hit me! I’m going to spend the money on my kids, my grandchildren and some home improvements. I’m even more overwhelmed that I helped so many other people to win over £2,000 each. Everyone has been telling me all the things they’ll be able to do with the money, like take their kids on a long summer holiday. I’ve been coming to this club every Sunday for years and always dreamed of winning the big one but I won’t stop coming to Gala Bingo – I love it!'”

Gala Bingo Ashmore Park club manager Ade Stain said: “We’re absolutely thrilled for her. We didn’t realise at first how much she’d won – I went over to check her claim on the full house and suddenly it dawned on me that she had called on number five, which meant that she won the High 5 jackpot. Everyone was so shocked – we had to stop the bingo because everyone was dancing around and hugging each other! The lady’s partner had to go outside to calm down! The atmosphere was electric. The staff were all so excited for the players as everyone won, and they were texting their colleagues who weren’t working that day. Gala Ashmore Park is a friendly club and Sunday was certainly a day to remember.”

1,211,740 Gala Bingo members played the High 5 game last month. That’s enough to fill all of the 2010 World Cup stadiums more than twice over! At odds of some one in 1,145 million, Gala Bingo in Warrington saw two £250,000 wins in the space of just 6 days in the week before Christmas. The High 5 Jackpot has paid out a total £17,096,890.09 since its launch in 2007, and it’s easy to see why the game has been one of Gala Bingo’s most successful to date.

The High 5 game offers a unique chance for customers to play for a jackpot. With better prize money and even more chances to win, the linked High 5 game is Britain’s biggest bingo jackpot.

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