When it comes to online bingo there is a huge variety of bingo sites so how are we supposed to know what makes a great bingo site? What should we be looking out for? Have no fear as here are the top ten things that all truly great bingo sites must have.

1 Big Bucks. It does not matter how rich you are everyone loves winning some big bucks. Huge jackpots are one of the great benefits of playing bingo. People play bingo for its great entertainment and for a chance to meet like minded thrill seekers but what really gets the adrenalin pumping most? It’s the chance to win big bucks!

2 Cheap Tickets. Yes we all love winning money but spending it is something most of us try to limit. One thing about great bingo sites is that you can play great games and you don’t have to break your bank to do so. There are even still great jackpots and prizes to be won even when the tickets cost as little as a penny. Penny bingo is a great way to enjoy yourself without spending too much and every great bingo site should offer such promotions.

3 Regular Games. Nobody likes being left waiting and so regular games are a must. If you only have a spare 10 minutes then an online bingo sites should be able to provide you with fun entertainment without leaving you waiting for a game to start.

4 Variety of games. Variety is the spice of life and this is no different when it comes to bingo games. You don’t want to get bored with looking at the same screen day in and day out playing the same game. Great bingo sites will have an array of rooms all filled with different games so you will be able to just take your pick and keep the variety alive.

5 Friendly Chat Managers. A good Chat Manager is the life and sole of the party. They will welcome you into the chat room, sets the tone, help new participants and makes sure everyone is just having a great time.

6 Great Customer Service. There is nothing worst than bad customer services. They are suppose to be there to help and a good bingo site will have a customer service team which will do exactly that – help you when you get stuck with as little fuss as possible.

7 Promotions. Great promotions go hand in hand with great bingo sites. Fantastic promotions give you great value for money and make the whole experience more exciting. BOGOF bingo is a great promotion to look out for as it allows you to buy one ticket and get another one absolutely free! Twice the amount of fun for the same price.

8 Free bingo. Freebies – we all love them. Great bingo sites will hand out doses of free bingo so you can get to test out the games before parting with your hard earned cash. A great way to try before you buy if you are new to the online bingo scene or just enjoy great games completely free.

9 Game Play. Crisp graphics and seamless game play enhance your bingo playing time and definitely make it much more appealing to the eye. There are vast amounts of great software out there now days which mean online bingo sites really have no excuse for anything other than seamless game play.

10 Gifts. Now it doesn’t need to be your birthday to receive fabulous gifts. The best bingo sites offer some cracking gifts so make sure you don’t miss out on getting your hands on some great prizes such as holidays, concert tickets, iPods or whatever you can possibly dream of.

One bingo provider who exceeds in all of top ten things to look out for in a bingo site is Bucky Bingo. You might not have heard of them but they are the third largest in terms of bingo halls in the country so you know you’re details are safe with them.

Bucky Bingo has mega jackpots, penny bingo every night, an array of 4 Bingo rooms filled with a variety of games and if you get bored than you can check out their casino or fun side games. Bucky Bingo has the friendliest chat managers who engage you fully into the conversation and really get you in the party mood. The chat rooms even offer you more chances of winning with the games they hold. You will never be left in-between a rock and a hard place at Bucky Bingo. If you are in need then the customer services will do everything they possibly can to solve your problems and get you right back into the game.

Bucky Bingo promotions are some of the best in the business. Regular games of BOGOF bingo will allow you to double your chances of winning. Make sure you keep a look out for the Free Bingo held occasionally on Friday nights where you can spend the whole evening being entertained with free bingo and still have the chance to win big. Bucky Bingo’s graphics are top notch and game play is as you would expect – seamless. Amazing gifts such as key rings, free ringtones, mugs, t-shirts all come hand in hand with the ‘BB’ mascot that you will instantly fall in love with. He is one funky diva and he will get you in the party spirit as soon as you arrive.

So if you are looking for the best in the bingo business check out Bucky Bingo http://www.buckybingo.co.uk

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By Stacey Beattie
Business Writer