Bingo – An Introduction

Bingo! Bingo! Bingo! You must have heard of Bingo, the very popular table game (resembling lottery-type games) that can easily be branded as a game of chance. A fairly recent game, Bingo has been played at social dos since the 16th century with the noble aim of aiding charitable causes. This brighter side of Bingo apart, it enjoys equal importance and recognition as a casino game. What needs to be set straight at the very beginning, however, is that despite being a casino game, Bingo is not to be categorized along with other gambling games as it does not involve betting.    

A Typical Bingo Game

In Bingo, players buy Bingo tickets (or printed Bingo cards) that have numbered squares. When a caller calls out a number and a player finds a matching/corresponding number in the card, he/she marks off that particular square. The game proceeds in this manner until any one of the players completes marking off a certain pattern of numbers and calls out Bingo. The player is then declared the winner.

The Bingo card has 25 numbers (random numbers ranging from 1 to 75) in 5 x 5 grids. Individual columns are marked with the letters of the word ‘Bingo’ starting from left to right. Further, the columns have numbers proportional to their positions; thus, the first column has 5 random numbers in the range of 1 to 15, the second column has 5 arbitrary numbers in the range of 16-30 and this continues till 75.

The simplest Bingo pattern that players need to complete is a single line or row – mark 5 numbers either horizontally or vertically or diagonally. Other common Bingo patterns are double line, full house, center cross, four corners, inner square, roving square, etc.

Bingo games are played in rounds and many players (in fact, batches) can participate in a game of Bingo. Remember, it is very vital that one calls out immediately after striking/marking off a definite pattern before someone else does so, otherwise one will miss the prize.  

Online Bingo

The wild Bingo-craze was enough to inspire Internet gambling sites to add Bingo games among their offerings. Today,Online Bingo Games has become multi-billion dollar business and regular Bingo contests are held at different online Bingo websites. Though everything is virtual, the feeling, the excitement and involvement in online Bingo is as satisfying as the big prize money. No wonder it is often said that online Bingo is addictive.

Like online poker and online casino games, online Bingo is dependent on automated features; while some sites require you to download free software, others allow immediately play.

Most online Bingo websites promise Bingo players other help in the form of Bingo-related content – Bingo glossaries, lingo, strategies, etc. But then, the best aspect of online Bingo is undoubtedly its chat feature – a feature that has very well nurtured the social aspect of Bingo games. The chatting sessions in between the gaming rounds that enable players interact with each other, make friends with people playing Bingo from different parts of the globe has fostered a sense of community, kinship – a kinship players are as keen to safeguard and ensure as their triumph in a Bingo game.

By Jack Jermey
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