Bingo is the UK equivalent of Keno, but a little more sophisticated. <a href=” halls could be found everywhere in the UK not long ago, and were as much a place for meeting friends as for they were for playing the game, except when the big prizes were being called.

Nobody quite knows how the <a href=” bingo craze got started with most people reckoning that that it developed from the popular children’s table game of lotto and had to come from the British Isles, because the game has always been so popular here.

Nothing could be further from the truth, because Bingo is actually originates from Italy, and goes back as far as the sixteenth century! Lotto got its start as a game by being the model for the Italian National lottery system, which was known as “Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia”. The same lottery has been held every week for close to four hundred years now, and is a major source of income to this day for the Italain government.

An even stranger turn of events is that it wasn’t the Italians who derived the name “lotto” it was the French. Who can imagine the French <a href=” Bingo, but it’s the truth. Of course in France the game was known as “Le Lotto”, and more than three hundred years ago the version of lotto and/or bingo that we know today was being played there, with cards printed showing three horizontal and nine vertical rows with the first player filling a full horizontal row calling out ” Ã

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