Bingo Affiliate Programs have become increasingly popular over the last few years. A bingo affiliate program is a brilliant and convenient way for bingo enthusiasts to earn money.

Online bingo sites allow affiliates to advertise their brand, through banners, text links, newsletters on their own websites or blogs. In return, affiliates are rewarded for any player traffic which is sent to the site via their links, and they receive commission on their referrals and also their gaming.

There are many online bingo affiliate programs to choose from. The top bingo affiliate programs offer incentives like high commissions and CPA (cost per acquisition) rates, loyalty schemes and extra money bonuses. And in most cases, all that is required is for the affiliate to register and sign up for the programme.

Bingo affiliates generally make money either through revenue share or CPA. With revenue share, affiliates receive a percentage of the money/revenue that their referrals lose to online bingo rooms. This percentage differs from bingo room to bingo room. A typical revenue share for online bingo affiliates is approximately 25% but it can go as high as 50%.

With CPA, affiliates get paid for every ‘real’ money player who they refer to the bingo room. A ‘real’ money player is defined by the terms of the online bingo affiliate program but will generally include players who have made a minimum deposit or have bet a specified amount of money. Online bingo affiliates CPA rates can be anything from $50 per player to $200 and more.

In general the majority of bingo affiliate programs are reliable and the success and results achieved will generally as result of the efforts that online bingo affiliates put into advertising their own sites and the products they are promoting. But there are some programs are not so honest and since there are many bingo sites offering different affiliate programs, you will need to investigate what is out there and what works best for you before signing up.

Good bingo affiliate sites will generally offer their players the following information:

* Reviews of bingo rooms, in addition to presenting online reviews to their players about the online bingo games available and the jackpots associated with those games.

* Various bingo bonuses available at different sites like first deposit, sign-up, and reload bonuses.

* Advice on the different jackpots available at bingo rooms.

* Bingo news, both newsletters and online bingo tournament  news.

By Bernadette Lee
Bernadette Lee
Online bingo enthusiast and blogger