Bingo is a popular game played by many in different countries. There are special bingo halls which offer this game to people and there are online bingo sites too where this game is played. There are many die-hard fans of this game irrespective of whether it is played at bingo halls or online. The reason behind this popularity is the ease of play and the hope of winning the jackpot.

There have been many cases of big wins at bingo, where people going through financial difficulties have gone on to win big prizes. One noteworthy incident of a great bingo win is that of a Hamilton mom, Soraya Lowell. She won the Platinum jackpot on getting a full house and went on to win the prize money of £1.2 million playing at her local club.

The best part about this win is that Soraya and her neighbour come bingo partner Agnes O’Neill always share their wins and this time after winning the jackpot, Soraya vowed to split her winnings with her neighbour. This down to earth mom works as a cleaner and she declared that she will continue to work at her present job.

Earlier during January 08, 53 year old Christine Bradfield had won £1.1 million playing bingo. This mum-of-two always played with her partner cum sister-in-law Lorraine Williams and she declared that she would split her jackpot money with her partner. She said that both bingo partners always split up their wins, whether they won £10 or more.

There have been other such cases of great wins at bingo. Bingo predominantly thought to be a women’s game is now played even by men. This kind of jackpot wins has made bingo popular among both the sexes and now men too are seen frequenting bingo halls or playing bingo online. The best part is that this game does not require you to plan much or have umpteen strategies to win. It is simply a game of numbers and your luck plays an important part. Bingo can be played both at bingo halls and also online and it is matter of personal choice. Those who are comfortable playing online, register with online bingo rooms and enjoy this game.

By Jamie Baume
Bingo prizes are getting better for players due to the increased competition amongst bingo companies. Bingo has also now become popular in a number of countries due to the internet.