Bingo a Cure For Depression?

It is well known that a large portion of the players at land based bingo clubs are pensioners. Many pensioners use bingo not only as entertainment but as an opportunity for social interaction with others. Smoking bans and a government policy of double taxation has forced many long established bingo clubs to close leaving many pensioners without their usual entertainment. Several studies have pointed out the fact that playing bingo keeps the mind sharp and can even delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Bingo requires quick physical and mental reactions. As anyone who has been to a bingo club knows, most players are playing several bingo cards simultaneously which requires a great deal of mental agility and concentration. Recently a pensioner from Derby revealed that playing bingo helped her to overcome severe depression.

In a newspaper interview the 67 year old pensioner described the crippling effects of depression and how playing bingo turned her life around. Jill Gemmell of derby described how severe depression left her feeling isolated and how playing bingo helped her to cope with her depression. In the interview Gemmell recalled; “I was very down and rarely left the house. Then a friend of mine took me along to one of the bingo sessions and I loved it. I joined in more and more and, when one of the committee members resigned, I offered to step in.” Thanks to her friend and bingo Gemmell is now an active member of the Alvaston and Boulton Old People’s Welfare Club in Derby. The club which has about 100 members sponsors bingo games on Tuesdays and Thursdays in addition to a wide variety of activities for pensioners.

The bingo games are now threatened by the town council’s search for cost cutting measures which could affect funding for the club. Some council members believe the games should be scrapped and that pensioners should play bingo at clubs sponsored by commercial operators. Many pensioners in rural areas are facing similar situations due to the ongoing global recession.

Many pensioners who are computer literate have made the switch to internet bingo. While land based bingo clubs are closing across the country internet bingo is thriving in the midst of the worst recession since the post war era. Internet bingo sites are locked in fierce competition for players and are offering ever increasing bingo bonuses. A bingo sign up bonus can enable players to double and even triple their initial deposits. For pensioners facing the closure of their favorite bingo clubs viable solution.

By Anthony Wayne 2009 All rights Reserved.