In March 2008 the Minister for Sport, Gerry Sutcliffe, asked the Gambling Commission to identify what further research could be done to understand the impact of high-stake, high-prize gaming machines on problem gamblers.

The program of work agreed will in the short term include qualitative research looking at specific gaming machine features. A panel of experts will also help the Commission to develop a longer term research program. This research program will focus on gaming machine regulation and minimizing harm. It will report to the Minister on our progress by the end of June 2009.

The Strategy Board (for responsible gambling) will decide on longer term research priorities.

An exploratory desk exercise was carried to improve understanding on the potential harmful effects of high-stake, high-prize gaming machines on problem gamblers. Research and literature in three areas were also considered:

– Causal links between the availability of high-stake, high-prize gaming machines and the development of problem gambling.

– The attraction of these machines to existing problem gamblers.

– The exacerbation of gambling problems from access to such machines.

The findings from the exploratory desk exercise have been published

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