No deposit casino games are an awesome way to start a bankroll from scratch, but knowing how to multiply that free online casino cash will get you a lot farther than a few spins of the slots reels with your fingers crossed.

In this article, I’ll be describing some of the best options in terms of strategies and payout percentages when playing free no deposit casino games.

The first rule is to take note of what games you can actually play. A “slots only” bonus does not leave much room for preference, obviously, but even that can be worked around. Just be sure you’re playing online slots with the best payouts; no even multiplier pay tables, no straight slots that lack bonus features or free spins, etc.

Better game variety changes everything, though. One of the best free no deposit casino games has to be blackjack. When blackjack is allowed during completion of wagering requirements, it won’t likely count 100%, as slots games would. It might only count 10%, increasing typical 35x wagering requirements to 350x if playing blackjack alone, but the opportunity for strategy can be well worth it.

You can find perfect blackjack strategy charts on the internet that are versatile enough to cover any form of the game. Online casinos offer a wide variety of ways to play blackjack, from the standard game of 21, to Spanish 21, Super Fun 21, Match Play 21 and other blackjack variations with optional side bets. Every game uses its own number of card decks and variable payout charts. Find the right strategy card for your game, and you could be rolling over your free no deposit casino games bonus in no time.

Baccarat is another good one since you can place minimal wagers and attempt to use the Martingale Betting System. You place a bet on player or banker and double that bet on the same one every time you lose. When you win, you’re up one unit and start over. This also goes for games like roulette, with the red / black, odd / even or high / low bets.

Craps is another great way to clear a free online casino bonus. Craps actually has a very low house edge if you only bet on the Pass Line; even lower if you bet against the shooter on the Don’t Pass Bar. Try that in a live casino and you get booed away from the table, but free no deposit casino games have no live players to shun you – go for it!

If you can find a game on the eligibility list for wagering requirements that you are pretty good at and can invoke a solid strategy with, that’s where your bets need to be going. Imagine that it’s not a free no deposit casino; games you wager on are costing you with every loss. It will make it easier to take fewer risks, use better tactics and, lady luck willing, clear that free online casino bonus with sizeable profit to spare!

By Donna Dorsa
Donna Dorsa has spent the last five years analyzing the inner most workings of the online gambling industry, unveiling her finding, both pleasant and objectionable, through internet publications. It is her belief that by making reasonable and educated decisions, we can all enjoy a safe, secure and responsible online gambling experience.