Different players play for different reasons and therefore have differing views on which the best casino bets are. Some players want those huge life changing payouts. They are not concerned with the fact that such payouts are rare and often not commensurate with the actual odds. They have a set budget and will spend it in the hope of winning big. For such players the best casino sites are the slots sites that have progressive jackpots linked to other sites. Other players want to maximize the opportunity of saving their bankroll. They want to experience the thrill of gambling without losing too much money. For these players the best casino payouts are those that offer close to even money and occur with greater frequency. They are content to sit next to the roulette wheel and wager on red or black as it suits their fancy.
Most expert player study the mathematics of the games. For them the best casino payouts are those that most accurately reflect the actual odds. The house edge is a measure of the difference between the fair payout and the actual payout. Every casino has to make money to cover its costs and get a return on its investments. Hence the odds it offers will not be the fair odds. However the best casino bets are those that have the lowest house edges. Most casino games offer a large number of bets. Many of the bets have different house edges. Hence players should know not only which games offer lower house edges but also which bets offer lower house edges.

Take the game of craps for instance. Craps has perhaps the more bets than any online casino game. The house edges range from over 1% to over 16%. Bets with higher house edges may pay 9 to 1 but these are not the best casino bets. One of the best bets in craps is the pass line bet. It wins on a 7 or 11 in a come out roll and loses on a 2, 3 or 12. Otherwise it wins when a point is rolled before a 7. This bet pays only even money but has a house edge of 1.4% and you cannot get lower than that.

Even in the best casino games there are bets that offer much higher payouts enticing players to go for them. The fact that these bets have high house edges is not publicized. Baccarat is a popular and simple casino game. The bettor has to decide who will win – the player or the banker. If the bettor guesses right he is paid even money. The house edge is less than 1.5%. In baccarat these are the best casino bets. Normally in case of a tie between the player and banker the bets push. However the bettor can wager on a tie taking place. This bet pays out at 9 to 1. This seems to be a good incentive but there is a catch. The house edge is a whopping 14%.

Therefore in order to understand which are the best casino bets you must understand house edges. Thereafter if you want to play a bet with a high house edge by all means do so, but do so with the full understanding of the consequences.

By Riza
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