Recent research has shown that playing free bingo online is of the nation’s favourite pastimes. Believe it or not this information actually appears on a UK government website for the National Archives. It states that the predominant pastimes of UK residents is playing bingo, which at the beginning for many will be free bingo until they are more familiar with the online version of the game. Naturally there are still people who happily go down to their local bingo hall. The government website proudly says that researching our family history is fast becoming another favourite pastime with almost a quarter of the population actively researching their family tree.

Apart from playing free bingo, other favourite British pastimes are participating in team sports, blogging and tweeting. Understandably a lot of the population are happy to be able to research their predecessors online especially since the 1911 census records were released 3 years earlier than expected. However for pure relaxation playing free bingo continues to grow as a nationwide pastime with adults finding it to be a fun way to relax after work or at the weekend. The number of free online bingo players actually doubled in 2008.

Instead of watching television all evening, playing free bingo gives you a chance to interact without having to think too much. With the state of the economy staying at home is the new going out, so more people have adapted to finding fun ways to enjoy themselves more at home. On top of this you get a free bingo bonus and there is an ocean of bingo sites to choose from.

Huge brands have moved online, excellent visual and user friendly software makes it a real fun experience. Since the crackdown on smoking has taken its grip in the UK plus taking a drink and driving it a real no-no, then the pleasure of interacting in a game situation where you can smoke or drink in your own home if you please has obvious advantages.

Playing free bingo online for new players has a quick learning curve as it is an easy game to learn. Numerous players choose to play in the real money games due to the prizes you could win. The reality is that for very little effort and costs some players will see life changing prizes when the sign up to play the real game.

The social networking aspect of the game has been critical to its growth in popularity also. Bingo sites have sophisticated technologies which allow players to be at home and enjoy the fun aspects of a traditional bingo hall game online. These bingo sites have great chatrooms where lots of people meet online.

If there was any downpoint about free bingo online it would be that you could feel swamped by the incredible choice of bingo sites. To start off find an unbiased bingo review site which is laid out in a user friendly fashion and check out the different reviews of various sites. Different sites have different offers whether it be a free bingo bonus that may attract you to one site or the style of the site, at least you can see a lot of them in one place to help you start off.

By Jackie De Burca
Jackie De Burca writes articles for for i-love-bingo. Get information on free online bingo sites; UK’s best bingo sites and free bingo bonuses.