All blackjack enthusiasts know what the game of blackjack is all about, as do most who want to learn about the game. An extremely popular game that encourages some of the best gambling in the world, blackjack has gained massive popularity in the amateur and professional gambling circuits. The game is now available in both traditional and online casinos.

Blackjack is easy to learn but, difficult to master. To attain a higher level of skill it becomes critical that you have good analytical skills that help you analyze the dealer’s game and a little luck never hurt. Knowing your opponents moves ahead of time even if it is just a little bit can be a huge advantage. This enables to you think one step ahead and prepare yourself for the scenarios that are possible.

Who Plays Online?

In order to answer this question, we need to be clear about a secondary question. Why would someone want to play blackjack online? Many reasons account for this. First of all, who wants to wander through a traditional casino when you can get to one from the comfort of your own home or work? The main reason is probably the desire for anonymity and ability to be comfortable.

If you opt to play blackjack online, you will have a choice playing for free or for money. If you are new to the game of blackjack or new to online blackjack you will want to play the free version. More experienced players will probably want to play blackjack for cash, as they usually prefer going after the trophy and money that comes with this style of blackjack.

Playing Free Blackjack Online
As you can ascertain from the name, this type of blackjack has no monetary incentive for players. These games are available at most blackjack sites or online casinos and are open to any individual who registers and wants to play.

There many sites however, where the only version you can play would be free blackjack. You will never be able to win any money at these sites. The most you usually get is points. You can however play for free, at a pay site by making wise use of the welcome bonuses offered to you. One catch is that you will sometimes have to fund your account with a small amount to get the large bonus. After that you are playing with the house’s money and anything you earn is free to keep.
If you decide to play free blackjack, think of it as a learning experience. Use free blackjack as a tool for you to hone your skills, become more confident and learn how to maximize your efforts.
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By Greg Kings
If you want to learn how to make a living playing blackjack and other casino games please go to Winning Gambler