In a blackjack game, players compete with the game dealer and not with other players. The players can assess the value of their black jack hand by adding up the numbers on the cards. Queen, jack and king are three of the highest valued cards having 10 points each. Aces worth 1 or 11 and players can choose its worth according to their score requirement. Cards from 2 to 10 worth value equivalent to their number that means card two will have two points.

In an online blackjack game, the players should try to achieve cards having higher total as compared to the total of cards, which the dealer possess. The total of cards should not exceed 21 as in such case the player gets defeated and has to leave the game. Two-card hand having one ace and other card having face value 10 is considered as the best hand in the online blackjack game as with this combo, players can get winning value of 21.

The players should play blackjack online only after knowing the rules of the online blackjack game. Placing bets is the first step for those who play online blackjack game. Players who play online blackjack game have to place their bets well before the cards are dealt. When players have placed their bets, the dealer deals with the cards.

Players who play online blackjack game receive two cards from the dealer and the face value of both the cards are visible. The dealer also keeps two cards but the face value of one of his card is hidden and the face value of other card is shown. Players who play blackjack online have to decide if they want to stand or hit according to the score of their cards and the dealers exposed card.

In case the player who play blackjack online, opt for hit then the dealer gives one more card to the player so as to increase player’s blackjack hand. Players are advised to opt for hit only if they have extremely low card value as getting an extra card sometimes raises the blackjack hand to more than 21 which can bring defeat for the player. Players should opt for stand, in case they have a satisfactory blackjack hand.

If the player opts for stand, then dealer shows up the value of his face down card. In case the dealer’s card total is less than 16 then he gets a chance to hit and take an extra card. In the end of an online blackjack game, players win when they have high card score than dealer’s card score but the card score should not exceed 21.

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