We know how excited you probably are with playing free online blackjack games. Before delving into the enjoyable free online blackjack games lets us first teach you the rules of the game. After mastering the basics you can then enjoy free online blackjack games!

So in our previous article we mention some basics about blackjack.

Again, to remind you we present some rules regarding the playing blackjack, these of course applies to free online blackjack games as land based version of the game.

There is a dealer in a blackjack game. The dealer will face 5 to 9 players (it usually is 7 players). They will physically face the dealer in a semi circular table.

While playing a single player can use as many betting positions as he wants that are free. He can place bets on each one, and the bets can be of different sizes. At the start of the game there will be what is called as a betting box in front of the player. The person with his bet on top of the betting square is known as the one to make the decisions and control the position.

The dealer will always be asking the players and consulting them on the hand and what the players choice will be for each dealing of the card. For all wager positioning it will be given hand dealt card by the dealer and the players at the blackjack table can see the 2 cards.

The cards will be dealt by the dealer and picked from 2 hand held decks. These decks come from a shuffling machine or the dealers. Each solo card will be given a wagered-on position and it will be dealt clockwise starting from the player on the left. Then the dealer will be given a single card then each player will be given additional card. Players can have their first card revealed. In single deck games the cards are hidden.

The main purpose of the game is to get the wager and win money by getting a bigger total number versus the dealer’s cards but without exceeding the total sum of 21.

You are now a step closer to enjoying free online blackjack games, read more of our articles and find out!

By Jerry Gaitan
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