Backgammon is a very old and popular game in the world. It’s a mixed of skilled and lucky. and hard to say which one is more important, but basically, the people with higher skill will win more match during it. During the nearly couple years, the fans of backgammon might feel very lucky since many famous company launch online game room and people around the world can play backgammon together now. But there are still very few backgammon servers world-wide, compared with some other skill game such as Poker. Here, I will introduce the best and the largest backgammon room in the world: Play65

Play65 is the largest and most professional backgammon server on the net and is one of the most recognized brands in the skill gaming industry. Skill gaming is at the point that online poker was a few years ago! Some compare Play65 to PartyPoker at that time.
The advantages of Play65 are:

  • Leading the industry – more than 2,000,000 members from which more than 13,000 playing online – the numbers are speaking for themselves…
  • Play65 is an advanced product, with state-of-the-art software & graphics
  • Play65 hosts daily and monthly tournaments + a million dollar tournament the upcoming summer!!
  • The site is multilingual (from Chinese to Arabic…) and multicurrency.
  • Heavy promotional material (daily, weekly and monthly tournaments, sign-up bonuses ($2), free-roll tournaments and more)
    You can play for fun or money, Play65 also provide a backgammon school to teach you the backgammon skill.
  • Each player has score to show how many games he or she has won, and this is also used to illustrate the skill level of the specific player. Play65 encourage people with close score to play the game so that you can have more fun there before you lose money.
  • Accept most popular deposit method such as: all major credit cards, Neteller and even PayPal
  • Now, why not go to Play65 to play backgammon and see how skilled you are.


    By Sean.Ray
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