We know well that to a certain degree this is not easy to recognize the beginning of the carrom. This game is implicit to start on hundreds of years ago. Number of people believes that it started off in India, while others say that it is started from Burma and Portugal. Irrespective of the origin, now at present carom became mainly required indoor games amongst the worlds and it can be enjoyed with families and friends across the world. Now a day’s many carrom boards are available along with tiny reminder brushwood to shift the striker and with supplementary sport sketch out printed on the board same as like the backgammon and checkers.
For most of the part Carrom is one of the well-known game in the midst of the floorboard games. Carrom encompasses many accessories such as carrom pieces, carrom table, carrom powder & strikers and many more.
There are a number of carom rules which to be followed by the time of playing carrom games. In carrom sitting position is the most essential and fundamental thing. When you are playing carrom you should be very much familiar with the sitting position.

Sitting Arrangement:
In carrom game sitting posture is extremely important. If you are able to be seated down properly on your stool or chair then only you will be able to occupy yourself & very soon play the exact game. Usually a small number of players will put their bench or chairs away from the carrom board which will form complexity for the performer to participate. Consequently if the player’s legs cross the pretend column then that will consider a foul and this is the major disadvantage by sitting in this pose.
There are many cases where you can see yet several nationalized winner crossing their legs away from pretend outline and the time of declaration of any foul they are making responsible to the umpires. If you make very much distance stuck between your chair and the carrom floorboard then you need to extend your hand intended for playing. Furthermore stretching your hand may increase pressure in the performing hand.
It is suggested that if you have to take a correct position to sit then you need to take comfortable space connecting to your chair and the carom board and further a partially portion of your chair you can hold.
Allow to rest both of your legs in the frontage of the chair. You have to be very cautious and attentive to make out that when you play the game, the location of your body should not be in a straight touch with the carrom board’s pockets. The position of your body must be in a direct line track with the way of the striker wherever it is stirring towards the direction.

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