Visiting a casino online is something that is enjoyed by people all around the world and the people of Italy are no exception. Gambling online is fun because it offers people the opportunity to be entertained in a new and exciting way all from the comfort of your own home. Italians are just like everyone else around the world, they are always looking for a good time and through online gambling in Italy casino games can be played and enjoyed at just about any time.

Italians Enjoy A Casino Online

Those that live in Italy and enjoy going to casinos are enjoying online casinos as much as anyone else. What is interesting is that when you look into the games that Italians enjoy you will find that they are the same games that are enjoyed by people from all around the world. People who play in the online casinos in Italy often enjoy poker, craps, keno, bingo, slots, roulette, and even blackjack.

While those who live in Italy have been enjoying online gambling for some time, online gambling was banned by the Italian government. For a time people from Italy were able to enjoy a casino on line as often as they wanted, and then in recent months the government made a move to ban all Italian IP addresses from being able to create accounts on online casino websites.

While this was a huge move and it was said to be made to protect the citizens of Italy, it appears that the country is following in the footsteps of the United Kingdom. Starting in January 2007 it was no longer considered to be illegal for Italian citizens to gamble online in what is known as “ability based and fixed betting activities”.

Italy apparently thought better of their plan to ban casino on line activities and now they are monitoring the way that these online casinos do business. In addition, the new law also promises the government at least three percent of all of the gambling revenue that originates from Italian citizens, making everyone happy.

Many people believe that other countries that have banned online gambling will soon follow suit. Both the United Kingdom and Italy have now shown that it is possible to allow their citizens to indulge in online gambling, actually profit from it, and oversee the business practices.

The two countries have created a quite stable business model for how this could be done, giving hope to many United States citizens that are banned from gambling from most, if not all, online casinos.

Since the ban on online gambling has been removed, Italian citizens have been enjoying their ability to play the casino games that they so love. All of the classics as well as some newer variations of old games are providing a great entertainment outlet for many, and the government is profiting at the same time, making the passing of the law a truly win-win situation for all involved.

By Ajeet Khurana
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