Ignoring the fact that many modern and various realizations have appeared, million funs of table strategies prefer the game known since olden times. Here can be called chess and checkers, mahjong and some varieties of playing cards but backgammon game should be pointed separately because despite of its centuries-old history, the game remains to be popular with players of any age.

It is impossible to say where directly began the history of the game. One historical source points that first the remains of the game looking like backgammon were found in Egypt, the other one – that the strategy of such a kind was invented by Persians as a reply to chess sent by Hindus. Archaeologists have been trying to define the place of game appearance up to the present time but unfortunately without success. Backgammon spread all over the world and now joins together most of its fun as in tournaments which take place every year as in official competitions. There are several varieties of the game but the most widely used are considered to be backgammon and longgammon having insignificant differences in their rules. As backgammon could be added to gambling games, its stakes can play here quite a significant role. So if you nevertheless have decided to get some risk upon playing, it would be useful to discuss with your opponent the order as for prize receiving before the game.

The rules of backgammon are quite easy and it will not be difficult to learn them. But even if you are a player of experience with your own game tactics – it couldn’t guarantee you a victory cause backgammon is a quite surprising game and nobody could predict which combination of numbers would be rolled upon the move. The game lasts not very long that’s why you should act quickly but thoughtfully. You should not be in a hurry while choosing chips because every your mistake can remove you significantly from the victory.

As for backgammon varieties, computer games, which meet all the requirements of the classical game, are considered to be very popular nowadays. All you need to do is to download backgammon free and choose through the Internet a real opponent who has the same level as you do and will become a good opponent in this uneasy but fascinating game. Playing free online backgammon is very easy and you can start game in few seconds after installing.

By Alex WIld
Welcome to the amazing world of the internet backgammon game. Here you can download backgammon online and after installing play backgammon on your computer.