Baccarat is an elaborate game played with eight decks that are mixed in an elegant performance called The Grand Shuffle, after which one player at the table is offered to cut and the decks are placed into the shoe similar to the one used when playing Poker or Blackjack. With Baccarat, the issue is called the bank, and the first card is turned over to indicate how many additional cards will be discarded or burned.

After The Grand Shuffle, the dealer who is known as the caller starts and runs the game. There are two additional dealers who handle financial matters, and at the beginning of the game, the first player who is at the caller’s right is offered the bank, and an opportunity or chance to deal the cards as banker. You don’t need experience in order to deal the cards, because the caller gives you all the direction you need to be successful at the task.

All of the players including the banker bet on player and banker or tie by placing chips in the appropriate spaces on the layout in front of them. After the wagering is done, the caller instructs the banker to deal for cards face down into two hands. The game is easy to follow, because the banker calls out “Card for player” or “Card for banker” each time he deals a card, and the banker will push the first and third cards of the players hand to the center of the table, while taking the second and fourth card, which is the banker’s hand, and placing it slightly under the edge of the shoe.

The caller uses a long paddle to pick up the players hand and delivers it to the person who’s made the highest bet on player. That person will look at the cards, then turn them over and then the caller retrieves the hand or the player pushes or tosses it to the caller, and the two cards are placed at the center of the table.

Then the banker reveals his hand and additional card or two may be drawn at the caller instructs, and the contest is finished. If the banker is the winner then the shoe stays at the person dealing, and if the player wins, the shoe moves in a counterclockwise position to the next person at the table.

By Aleks G
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