Baccarat is the game of James Bond who went through his movies winning handily at European-style Baccarat like in the movie “Doctor No” movie where he trounced a beautiful and well-bred female opponent named Sylvia trench. As he traded barbs with Ms. Trench, he delivered that immortal name combination, My name is “Bond, James Bond.”

You might also remember Baccarat from the movie “Indecent Proposal”, where superstar, Robert Redford asked Demi Moore to play with him for luck. She lost over $200,000 of his money against the Baccarat backdrop, and the evolution of seduction in the movie began.

Outside of the movies, Baccarat is akin to tarot card reading in that just like the cards fall with no apparent logic so too is the amount of control a player has over the actual game. Modified from the French game, chemin de fer, American Baccarat allows no decisions when playing cards which draw by strict rule for both hands.

Making up this disadvantage, Baccarat allows players to wager on either hand, and the two hands are dealt regardless of how many people are sitting at the table. The first hand is referred to as the banker and the other, player. Each hand receives two cards in the beginning, with the suits of the cards meaning nothing but their rank being all-important. The two through nine count as their number value.

The Kings, Queens, Jacks and tens are counted as zeros, and the Aces are counted as one. The hands that total more than nine will be reduced by 10, and this is easily done by simply dropping the first digit. For example, 15 becomes 5, 18 becomes 8 and a 19 becomes nine respectively. The highest possible hand can only be nine, and it’s called the natural or if you want to be formal, le grande natural. A natural or nine automatically wins or ties.

If both of the hands are not a natural, then each hand receives one additional card with the player drawing first. After that draw, the highest point value total in each hand is the winner. Bettors can wager on either hand – player or banker – a win on the banker or player paying more money, and a tie being a pushed for these bets with no money changing hands.

By Aleks G
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